UWA API Documentation

UWA (Universal Web App) is a simple and elegant web apps framework that uses XHTML for structure, CSS for styling and JavaScript/Ajax for behavioral/DOM control. UWA lets developers "build once and run everywhere". Apps built with Netvibes UWA can run virtually on all major Web, computer and smartphone platforms.

What is a Web App?

A web app is a small application running on a web platform, allowing its users to access external content on their favorite devices.

5 reasons you should use UWA:

  • Quick & simple. Get started in minutes!
  • Build once, run everywhere. UWA Apps are compatible with all major platforms (web, desktop and mobile)
  • 100% compliant. Open web standards, use XHTML/XML, JavaScript/Ajax, CSS.
  • Elegant. CSS templates and JavaScript UI controls that quickly generate beautiful apps.
  • Adaptive. Netvibes platform supports a wide range of devices.
Getting Started

The following guide will teach you the basics of UWA application development.

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JS Runtime

Documentation for the client-side JavaScript Framework used to render and build Apps with cross-environment compatibility.

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